sponsoring criteria

Eligibility criteria

Information for determine your eligibility. Also find information on what can make you inadmissible for our program sponsorship.

Determine your eligibility

Family-linked sponsorship cases

“Family-linked” is the term we use for any refugee sponsored at the request of someone here in Manitoba, Canada, who will agree to support them for the one-year requirement after they arrive here as our guarantor (the “family-link guarantor”).
A $100 processing fee will be charged to the family-link guarantor for each IMM0008 form submitted. The Anglican Diocese of Rupert’s Land and the Roman Catholic Archiepiscopal Corporation of Winnipeg through whom Hospitality House sponsors, are permitted to levy this charge by the Government of Canada.

Hospitality House prefers not to sponsor
  • Rwandese – Canada sees Rwanda as generally peaceful and safe, but will consider applications on a case-by-case basis.
  • Burundians - Canada sees Burundi as relatively safe, but will consider applications on a case-by-case basis.
  • Sudanese from areas where Canada now thinks it safe to return.
  • Refugees in Turkey because the Turkish government will likely refuse them exit permits. Group-of-Five sponsorships are an option.
  • Refugees in Northern Iraq or in Iran because Canada is either reluctant or refuses to send its interviewing officers to these places because of safety concerns.
Hospitality House does not currently sponsor
  • Liberians – Canada now deems Liberia “safe” for return.
  • Sierra Leoneans – Canada now deems Sierra Leone “safe” for return.
  • Any refugees in Europe (especially the European Union) because they have local options available to them and Canada is unlikely to accept them in the circumstances.
  • Sudanese - because with the independence of the South in July, 2011, the area is no longer seen as refugee-producing.
  • Any person without a clear and persuasive refugee claim.
Hospitality House will currently sponsor
  • Somalis
  • Ethiopians
  • Eritreans
  • Congolese
  • Burmese
  • Afghans

Family-Link Guarantor’s obligations

must live in Manitoba

Preferably in Winnipeg, and intend to stay. We insist on this because this is the only way we can follow up on the case satisfactorily, both during the waiting period for them to arrive, and during the one year of our responsibility after arrival. This is also the expectation of those Manitobans who give financial support for our refugee sponsoring program (including the City of Winnipeg under whose Assurance Agreement all family-linked Winnipeg sponsorships will be registered); this is now also a requirement of the Canada Immigration office in Winnipeg.

must have a permanent full-time job with a satisfactory income

Verified by a letter from the employer where requested, the means to be able to support the arriving refugee(s) and in the usual case, have been in Canada for at least two years. The family-link guarantor must sign an agreement with us agreeing to provide all necessary financial support.

must have an email address to facilitate keeping in touch

That of a friend will do if you don't have one yourself. The family-link guarantor must advise us of any change in his or her address, phone number or email address; if we lose contact we may have to cancel the sponsorship.

must live in Manitoba through the whole process

The family-link guarantor must agree that if he or she moves out of Manitoba, we have the right, at our option, to cancel the sponsorship.

must undertake responsibility for completing the immigration forms

(Form IMM0008) under the Option 3 process, working with the sponsored refugee overseas to provide us with fully completed and signed forms (with photos - see separate instructions for photos) that we can then file with Immigration Canada in Winnipeg.

must agree to keep in touch with the sponsored refugee(s)

and must provide us with any changes in their circumstances so that we can inform Immigration Canada. If contact is lost, then the sponsorship will be cancelled.

must not have given difficulty to Hospitality House for any sponsorship in the past

Such a record is a bar to any future sponsoring partnership. Conversely, those with a good track record from past sponsorships will be preferred.

must be free of charge sponsorship

Family-link guarantors are not permitted to charge the refugees they sponsor for having sponsored them.

Sponsored refugee’s requirements

must have an email address if at all possible

That of a friend will do, to facilitate keeping in touch with the family-link guarantor and with Hospitality House.

should have both a telephone number and a mailing address

at which he or she can be contacted. (The Ethiopian Orthodox church in Nairobi is not an acceptable address to Canada's High Commission in Nairobi because of past problems with that address).

must keep us informed of any change in his or her circumstances

Change of address, phone number, email address, or change of family configuration / size (that is, getting married, divorced, having a baby etc.).

must complete the forms

The sponsored refugee must work with his or her family-link guarantor to complete the IMM0008 form and its appendices.

must have a compelling and truthful story to support the refugee claim

Where possible be in compliance with the refugee requirements of the country of asylum.

should usually not be living in a country where a "durable solution" is possible

Like Ukraine for example, because that could result in Canada rejecting the sponsorship.

should not usually be from a country where Canada is currently rejecting most claims

Like Liberia for example. A record of too many rejections destroys the credibility of both the sponsoring organization and the entire Private Sponsorship of Refugees program of the Government of Canada.

must plan to live in Manitoba

The sponsorship is to live in Manitoba and not in another province of Canada.

hospitality house

Hospitality House's financial support

The work of Hospitality House can only continue if it has the necessary financial support to do so. It now has a number of donors that provide its modest budget, but operating costs continue to be a challenge, and also those costs that arise from the "full sponsorship" cases that Hospitality House takes on. Family-link guarantors are encouraged to become Friends of Hospitality House and provide it with regular financial support. We are a registered charity and can issue receipts for income tax purposes.

Hospitality House's fundraising events

When Hospitality House holds a fundraising event, the support of family-link guarantors will be much appreciated.

Hospitality House's fees

Hospitality House charges a modest annual maintenance fee to cover the management costs of a file.